Homework Room

Here, students and parents can locate the homework due tomorrow, this week or projects for weeks to come

1. Use your Raz Kids account each day for 20 minutes.

2. Math-finish Show What You Know if you did not finish them in class. Grade 4s work on page 417 #4 and 5. Grade 5s work on page 399 #5, 6, 7 and 8-due Thursday, June 22nd, 2017.

3. Get your permission form signed-due Thursday, June 22nd, 2017.


















































29 responses to “Homework Room

  1. Hi Mr. O how are you?

  2. Hi Mr.obrien did u find my basketball in the classroom?
    please let me know if u found it (thank you )

  3. hi Mr. obrien thank u so much for writing my name (have a great time)

  4. hi Mr.O’brien how are u. are you having a great time with your family.

  5. hi mr. obrien how are u today?

  6. hi mr obrien. i was sick and my Pourquoi Tale is gone

  7. Hi Mr.O’Brien, how are you????
    The Math test is so easy!!!!!

  8. Mr. O what field trip form are u talking about that’s due on Mon, Apr the 30th?

  9. Hi Mr.|O’Brien I’m so happy because I don’t have any homework yay !!!!! ^_^ ^_^

  10. Sorry I did not go to school today Mr. O’Brien. I had an appointment and i was feeling sick. 😦

  11. Hi Mr O’brien? I was so sick that I couldn’t do my homework. Is there any homework to finish rather then the comic, the villain poster, and the hero poster.

  12. im huda hi i do my homework

  13. hi Mr. Obrien

  14. hey mr.o i enjoy being in ur class. walking with the dead book is so interestting i missed u today u had a wrok shop right?

  15. Hey mr obrien sick today 😦 so ill just do the rest of he math review I guess, and I’ll do some schoolwork from some math/language/science/social studies, but I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully

  16. Ahh!!! The studying is driving me nuts! Is it normal to see the word government everywhere? :-l

  17. Mr O’brien I don’t think I have the municipal services in my notebook. . .

  18. Is this the services of municipalities,
    Garbage pick ups
    Police and fire stations
    Education (maybe)
    Planning and development (like u said, u know like adding an extension to ur house)
    Plz et back to me

  19. can you please send me a homework paper

  20. Hi Mr. O’Brien,

    I need to know if Khalid gets homework everyday because, he tells me that he has no homework everyday.

  21. Mr.o, whats the code for bitstrips?

  22. hey is hernan there? no just asking.

  23. i forgot my homework at school 😦

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