Chat Room 19

Here, students can write comments to one another and respond to the comments written by their classmates.Β  Topics must be appropriate but can be about school or the community.


158 responses to “Chat Room 19

  1. whats going on lately? no body’s on our blog and every one else is on Mr.MCann kay seeya GTG LOL

  2. I have a terrible cold so that is why I missed school for 2 days Hi everyone I will come to school tomorrow

  3. Whats this ??

  4. Raghad they don’t like the blog

  5. what up mr. O miss me?

  6. wat movie c-reis do u like?
    a)star wars
    b)harry potter
    c)peirites of the carerebin

  7. Being a huge fan of Cadbury chocolate, I was excited clicking on the website “Things to do with a Cadbury cream egg.” The clip is no longer there! Wah! I’ll just have to go buy a few and figure out what I can do with them before they are all GONE! Ms. Slater

  8. Hi!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi Mr.obrien I am finish my homwork it was easy!!! You rock!!!:)

  10. I am sick don’t feel well I just screamed at a butterfly ouch!!!!! πŸ™‚

  11. Me and Emily are in the talent show yay I am happy and disssapoin we could of done better!!!!:)

  12. Mr.obrien I finished my homework and my superhero poster looks fantastic!!.And my comic strip looks Amazing!!

  13. I am excited for the field trip on tuseday it will be great!!

  14. Hi Mr.O’Brien !

  15. Hi Mr.O’Brien how are you?

  16. Hi safiya !!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hi mr.obrien I am finish the math work sheet I finished it in 5 minutes It was fun and easy!!:)

  18. Hi mr.obrien I finished my math worksheet It was fun i finished it in 5min & It was easy!!!:)

  19. Hi Mr. O’Brien, how are you?

  20. Hello Mr.O’Brien!

  21. Hi safiya are u here?!

  22. Hello Tara

  23. Hi Mr.O’Brien!

  24. hi tara!

  25. hi suyoung!

  26. how are u?

  27. hey emily, just tell your sister that she was a great help and i hope to see her on our next fieldtrip. oh and sorry for trying to tap the pictures in the museum of nature, i just wanted to see them. oh and don’t forget to thank your sister once again for being a great help. she was awesome. emily, can we still be friends? even though we still fight, i’m going to be here in the end. and i’m tired of fighting so please let’s stop fighting,okay? when u get this comment please write back. thanks katylen and thanks emily. hope to see ur sister again emily. and please tell ur sister that i’m sorry for what i did. i did not mean to have an attitude. thanks katylen u have made me happy today. sorry emily if this is long. see yah! oh and emily please write back. thank-you!

  28. Hi Mr.O’Brien how are you I am sad that it is the end of the year I don’t want to leave grade 5 I will miss it so much I had alot of fun this year and there is olny 3 days left

  29. Hey suyoung. i’m really sorry that i could not come to your party. i’m at my dad’s. it’s his weekend to have me. But i hope to see you next year. Oh and over the summer call me.

  30. mr.o!!! i hope you have great time at mexico..i came home and cry my head off…Iwill miss you sooooo much,,and also my friends..(very busy packing stuff.)

  31. i am very latesleeper..

  32. please tell mrs.wallace that i miss her very much!

  33. hi, in our house there is a wasp house..
    totaly freaking out

  34. Hi Mr. Obrien how are u ?

  35. hello

  36. hey guys hows vacation going is it πŸ˜€ or 😐

  37. hey this is my first time knowing how to post the faces like this
    πŸ˜€ ;O

  38. well hows it going mr.o I miss every one in the class I am really really really sad 😐 😐

  39. i’m at LA..very close to mexico..
    miss u guys soooooo much…

    tell me about all of your vacation

    i miss u ,,,mr.o!!!

  40. Hi Mr. O
    I had so much fun in my cottage althought I have a viruse in my THROAT im good

  41. Hi Mr.o is your vacation is it super fun. I didn’t get any chance to talk to u. What are u doing right now Mr.o.

    • Hi Imran. Sorry for taking so long to reply. i was at the cottage and we have not computer there. I am now at the airport in Montreal and we are flying to Rome Italy. I will be back August 7th. Yes, my Summer is super awesome. The weather has been great and I did a lot of swimming and running at my cottage. How is your summer going?

  42. Hi Mr.O’Brien I miss everbody in the class but I am having a terrific summer! πŸ™‚

    • Glad to hear you are having a great summer. My wife and I just checked into our hotel in Florence Italy and we are very happy too. Have a great summer. Mr. O

  43. Hi mr o i had the best year and im just going to camp 4 10days it will be fun luckly i have 1 more year and i hope its another fun year

    i miiiiiiiiiisssssss you mr o 😦

  44. mr. obrien I am leaving to my country on augest 29 and I will stop at moracco and augest 30 I will get to libya and I will MISS CENTURY(Canada)
    tell everyone that I will miss them OK 😦

  45. I am moving back and we have a small period of English
    and when are you going to post our commercials I cant wait

  46. thanks Mr. Obrien

  47. you are the best mr. O

  48. hi mr obrien miss u

    Sara A,

  49. Hi Mr.O how was your summer? Im in Mr.Aubrey’s class this year!

  50. hello, mr.o..
    i really missu..
    i send u a postcard..i hope you reaceved it, safe and sound.

  51. hi Mr.Obrien how are you today. Your my best teacher ever. Mr.o what are you doing right know

  52. hi Mr.obrien how are you doing

  53. hey what up

  54. Hello Mr. O! How r u doing?is ur class doing Memory Boxes this year? COOL!

  55. Whats up mr. O your still my favourite teacher

  56. Hi Mr. O
    my gmail isn’t working for some reason


  57. hi obrien whaz uup!? did raghad write anything

  58. mr o i cant find the google docs page

  59. abdirahman24zone

    hey mr.o i like your class im alrdy done my homework

  60. Hi mr o I would love to introduce my box first .!!!?!!???!

  61. Did my message arrived

    • Hi Karim. Sorry this took so long. I replied on my Smartphone yesterday (I was in the United States)
      but I guess it did not arrive to you. Yes, of course you can go first. I am very proud of you for
      having the courage. I hope you have a good day even though it is not very nice out there. See you
      Monday. Mr. O.

  62. Hey mr o r u reading the mark of athena?πŸ˜ƒ

  63. Yes I’m on page 300

  64. hi mr. o i cant go to scool for a week because i just had my surgery done to my apendex .

  65. hi mr. o how are you
    are you here

    • Hi Adam. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I had a friend when I was
      in school who had to have his appendix out. I hope that you can come back to school
      on Monday. Take care of yourself. Mr. O

  66. at the blog

  67. Mr. O: Can you tell me what’s up with the school pics? Dakota and Cheyenne brought theirs home the day the pics were taken but Geoffen didn’t. We’re supposed to pick the pose we like and have the order back tomorrow.

    Geoffie’s still coughing away…

    • Sorry Mr. Walford. I replied on my cell phone last night and it may not have reached you. I will send the package with Dakota today. Send it back on Monday if there is a picture you really like. He can also take part on retake day on Nov. 9th as well. I hope he starts to feel better. We miss him. Mr. O

  68. Mr O can we watch rise of the guardians when it’s released? I hear its awesome funny and super cool

  69. Hi Mr.Obrien how is your class this year? I wish i was still in your class. I still remeber when we had to the 100 facts about ancient Egypt. I think you still have it ??? Anyways i hope to hear from you soon bye

    • Hi Angelina. We just started Ancient Greece. I will likely do Ancient Egypt near the end of the year but will likely not do the 100 facts again. We just went skating today and had lots of fun. Hope you are well. Take care. Mr. O

      • That should be fun. We didnt go skating yet we are going near december at the canale. I hope it will be fun and i have a gift for you i will bring it into you tomorrow. Bye Mr.Obrien

  70. hey Mr. O. just turned 12 yesterday so HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ME!!!!!!!!!

  71. wasup Hayden i have a B-ball tournement today at 5:30

  72. Hey Mr Obrien i really want to come to school today. sally came to me and she asked me if i wanted to go to school then i asked my mom and she said
    no so i couldn’t come today anyway Merry Christmas and Happy New year

    • Hi Sara. We missed you at school. It was pretty bad weather so I understand how your mom
      did not want you to come to school. There were only 9 kids at school that day. We watched
      movies, ate pizza, played on the computers and sang songs in the gym. I hope you have a
      wonderful day. I am with my wife’s family right now. We just ate a whole bunch of different
      fish dishes. Christians are not supposed to eat meat on Christmas eve. We are going to open
      some presents soon and then dessert. Everybody is eating chestnuts that we roasted in the oven
      for a half an hour. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday and a happy new
      year. See you on the 7th. Mr. O

  73. abdirahman24zone


  74. mr o there is no body on gmail

  75. Hi Mr.OBrien

  76. Aragorn (Hussain)

    Hi, Mr. Obrien
    I am just asking what do you want me to right other than the myth

    I gotta go plane is ready i have two flights coming

  77. Am I supposed to draw the native figure on top of the colours on the colourful sheet?

    • Geoffen. U r supposed to trace very hard with your pencil on one of your drawings with a piece of blank paper in between your drawing and the paper with the crayon.

  78. Sorry I didn’t go on the chat room for so long but over that time I saw The Hobbit the first day it was in theaters ( Dec. 13 2012) , joined the school band, and 3 weeks ago I joined Air Cadets sqaudren 211.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž πŸ‘‘

    • How is cadets going? What instrument are you playing? Will you buy The Hobbit when it comes out March 19th? I will. We will watch it in class. I hope that you have a great holiday. Are you going anywhere or just hangin’ around for a “staycation”?

  79. Cadets is going good. I’m playing the trombone, yes I’m going to buy it, and on March 20th I’m going to Cuba for one week.

  80. hey Mr. O. did you do anything spiecal on earth day?

  81. hi mr.o I realy wish I can come but I was realy sick today and I was wondering what the class took in science today

  82. is anybody here

  83. hi Mr.o I realy missed school today and Iam wondering what the class took in science

  84. come on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”!!”

  85. Hi Mr.o I realy wish I could but Iwas
    sick and I was wondering what we took in math and science

  86. Sorry about the come on and reapeting stuff there was something wrong with my smartphone and also about incorect speling

  87. Hi Tagan. I am glad that you are at school today. We missed you

  88. Hey Tagan,
    Lucky you are Mr.Obrien’s class. My teacher is also a boy too!

  89. got to go by

  90. Hi Mr. O’Brien I hope you remember me. Wow Emily, Yasmine, Raghad, and CJ can’t remember chicken head junior. Anyway how are you guys and
    Mr. O’Brien? Please reply something because whenever I go chat wih Mrs.Hayes she never response. OK talk to you later.

    • Hi Imran. How is Grade 7 treating you? We have parent teacher interviews tonight so
      it is really a busy time for us. This year, we have two grade 5/6 classes and a grade
      4/5. I teach the 4/5 split. We did cross country last month and last Tuesday we went
      skating for the first time. I hope you are well. Take care my friend. Mr. O

  91. hey mr. O its me jovan Hope you have a great year with your new class have fun!

  92. hi Mr.Obrien how your class this year i miss century and Canada and all the teachers and my friends i hope i come for a visit next year and school here in Libya is not the best and hey by the way Chicken head (Imran) bye

  93. i didn’t forget u chicken head

  94. Hey Mr. O’Brien. so I wasn’t on the chat room over the the summer but my summeer was great. I read House of Hades it’s a great book. but enough about me what about you?

  95. Hi Mr. O’Brien,
    Khalid wasn’t here for the past 2 days and he won’t be at school for this week. Could you please sent any homework that he missed this ‘n’ send to my Hotmail! (

    • Hi Mohamed. Unfortunately, the kind of work that we did in class this week was all hands-on activities with clocks, money, brochures and pictures. There is nothing that I can send through an e-mail account that he could work on. I will work with Khalid when he returns in the new year. The important thing is that he gets better. Take care and have a wonderful holiday.

  96. heyyy Mr.O’brien its Angeline. Me and Brianna miss all the teachers a lot and we might visit soon. I am going to visit soon to pick up all my work i gave you in grade 5. Anyways I need to go so bye πŸ™‚

  97. Hey mr.o’brian its me brianna i miss century so much i know angelina is gonna comment too i might visit century very soon how is century going did any teachers left? how are you doing anyways? i dont know when when are u free so me and angie can vist you?:D

  98. Hey Mr. O at our school we have a world cup tournament we were at the semifinal, but we lost by England. The score was 35-37. Anyway at our school we have a auditorium, and an elevator. WE get presto passes for free, but the school gave it to us. Did you know that you are aloud to go out and eat at lunch time” SO Mr. O how was Century anything fun.

    • Hi Imran. Glad to hear from you. Today at Century, we have Pink Day and a 4 Houses assembly.
      On Tuesday, we went skating again at the Howard Darwin (Merivale) Arena. We had lots of fun
      and it wasn’t stupid cold. My wife and I are going on a cruise for the March Break. We are
      very happy because this time last year she found out she has breast cancer. She is Ok now and
      getting stronger. She had to have chemo therapy and surgery. Her hair is starting to grow back
      and she is feeling better. We can’t wait to get some warmth in the Caribbean. Take care.

  99. Hayden Spirak

    Hey Mr. O”Brien how are you. Myself I’m doing good

    • Hey Hayden. I am well. My wife and I are going on a cruise in less than a week in the Caribbean and I am looking forward to getting away from the cold for one week. School here at Century is great. How is school going with you? Have you seen any good movies lately? What about any good books?

  100. WHAAATTT! Mr. O R U rich. YOU went to sooo many expensive places. Any way how did she get breast cancer? how long ago did that happen? Our school is giving us such a hard time I never get to take a break. OK Mr. O talk to you later. OOOO and r u giving your wife a hard time. If you have time just say hi for me. Byeee

  101. Hayden Spirak

    Oh just wait till grade 8 Imran just wait till grade 8 : /

  102. Grade 8 Is even harder maybe!?!?!

  103. Hey Mr. O Do you still do the marathon maybe in summer I will come and visit school century.

  104. Don’t worry Hayden just believe in your self. It might be easy piecezzz lemon squeezee.

  105. Hey Mr. O going 2 century 2day with schools senior band hope 2 c u

  106. Hey Mr. O”Brien how are you. Myself I’m doing good.

  107. Mrs.O”Brien
    I will try to come atot school on Monday,because I did surgery for my teeth if I am very well.

  108. Hi,
    Its Hussain How Are Mr.Obrien.

  109. hizees! Luke

  110. Hi Mr.Obrien!
    I’m Haeyeon Kim and I used to be in your class 4 years ago. Do you remember me?

  111. hi Mr.O i miss u guys so much hows life I am still in Libya I hope You are fine and by the way where are the commercials

    • Hi Raghad. I hope you are well. It was really hot here on Thursday and Friday but now it
      is cool again and raining. School is going well here. I have a grade 4/5 class and I will
      again next year too. We are going to have our longest summer (almost 10 weeks of no school)
      this year! Kids are pretty excited about that. Stella, my rabbit, turns 9 this year! I hope
      you have a great finish to your year. The commercials are off because I remove stuff from
      previous school years. Take care. Mr. O.

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