Memory Box Presentations

Memory Boxes

Your first Language Arts assignment will be to create a Memory Box.

A Memory Box is about you.  Watch the lesson very closely today and

follow all of the steps carefully.  A Memory Box takes time, effort and

thought.  Use your agenda to plan when you will work on it in class and

when you will work on it at home.



          1.  Get a box (a shoe box is good or a gift box would work; just

make sure it is not too big or too small).

2.  Start colleting pictures, cutouts, drawings, or photographs

that represent you.  It could be things that you like, hobbies,

favourite colours, favourite sports, pets, your family, words

or phrases that represent you.  These images or phrases need

to be positive and represent the best “you”.  The whole box

needs to be covered like a collage*.

3.  You then need to think about the 4 items to fill your box.

They need to be items that are important to you and tell

something about you.  Try to choose things that are unique

or that nobody else might know about.

4.  Once you have all of your items, you will write one paragraph

about the box itself and then one paragraph for each item with

a total of 5 paragraphs.  Remember, start each paragraph with

an introductory sentence.  Use the anchor chart in the class if

you don’t remember the structure of a paragraph.

5.  You will then present your box to your classmates.  You may

use cue cards to help you remember what to say, but try to

memorize your speech as best as you can.

Collage:  An art form where pictures, images or words are

          glued to a surface in an overlapping form so the surface is

          covered completely.


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